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Listed on this site are a few topics and Blog articles that come from the Ancient Wisdoms.  None of it is new; however, the Teachings come from a perspective that was channeled while in the “quantum field of consciousness.”

While exploring the following topics and reading the SOL Blog articles, we ask that you merge with your Golden Sacred Heart and feel the Love of who you are. The words will light up off the page, and you will experience more than what is written. You will experience its true intent. 

You will realize that you are not reading to learn anything. You already have the knowledge of what is written.  We are children of God, with no beginning and no end. None of us came here to learn anything; we came here to REMEMBER who we are. When we REMEMBER, it keeps us in our power. When we REMEMBER, we can take dominion. 

Thank you and may God bless you and keep you . . .

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Staying in the Present

Being a Co-Creator with God

Not Bearing False Witness

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