SOL Minister's Program

The Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom is making the call for new ministers.

Ministerial applicants will meet with Rev. Tara once a week for 6 months. The goals of the program are to:

1.    disseminate the Teachings;

2.    instill greater discipline;

3.    prepare the applicants for the "Great Shift" (Great Trial) within themselves, and clear subconscious/karmic blocks;

5.    help the student to understand the vastness of their purpose and to know they are worthy;

6.    take the student to the heart level to be of service to God and humanity; and

7.    inspire . . .

Entrance Requirements:

1.    a sincere heart;

2.    a handwritten paper stating your purpose as to why you would like to become a minister for the Spirit of the Lotus;

3.    Fee to be determined.

Class Syllabus (tentative):

Introduction will include the Role of the Spirit of the Lotus Minister

Constructing the Rainbow Bridge Parts I and II

Path to Enlightenment Parts I, II, III

The Soul & Its Journey

Spirit of the Lotus' Perspective on Creation Parts I and II: Stages, Adam and Eve, Humanity

The Audible Sound

The Great Invocation & The Plan

The Lord's Prayer

Dreams Part I & II

Sin and the Problem with Evil

The Story of Job & Biblical Stories Unveiled Parts I and II

Trusting Your Higher Intuition/ Symbolism

Being of Service

The Mystic Leaders of Today

There is Only One

The Last Word


Each student is required to write a 10+ page thesis due by the end of the course. A diploma will be given and ordination will be conducted after the completion of the Ministers' Program.


Date(s) and time will be determined according to availability.