The Spirit of the Lotus is much more than a church with four walls where we worship God once a week, for we aren’t confined by the walls of a building.  Moreover, we aren’t dogmatic because we believe every Soul is here on Earth to experience its true nature.  This, of course, begs the question: What is the Soul’s true Nature?


The Soul yearns to be free.  As it journeys through lifetime after lifetime, it creates a story for its God-Self to experience.  This journey takes the Soul further and further from home, but the Soul never forgets its Father and Mother.  The Soul finally realizes that in order to be free, it must tear off the shackles that prevent it from experiencing the true Reality . . . the Truth . . . the Love of its Parent.


The Soul’s journey home is exciting and fraught with the danger of losing itself. However, it is persistent and determined to experience a life of joy, peace, prosperity, charity and love.  It knows that realizing these virtues within itself is no easy task.  It cannot experience the virtues without releasing and letting go of the shame, guilt, jealousy, anger, depression, unforgiveness, unworthiness, poverty, etc.

What many people consider to be reality is in truth an illusion.  The Spirit of the Lotus recognizes that humanity cannot achieve freedom and liberation without knowing and experiencing higher dimensional frequencies as well as the lower physical, emotional and mental frequencies.  Karma is difficult to balance if we stubbornly hold onto the old way of life and lower vibrational frequencies.  This is where the Spirit of the Lotus is of great service.  We teach that everything around you and within you is created by YOU.  You are the director of the great play that you’re in.  We teach you how to move from the lower realities to the higher realities . . . from darkness into Light . . . from death to immortality.  We help awaken you to the all possibility that already lies within you as well as “the Master Within.”  We help you break off the chains of lack and take back your true heritage by taking dominion without going over the will of anyone else.  We help you along your path to Self-Realization because we are on the same journey.


Once you know yourself, the power to change is at your disposal.  To achieve Self-Realization, we give you the necessary tools including meditation, chanting, prayer, and breathing exercises.  We offer classes and yearly Spiritual Retreats which help you to grow and to heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies -- freeing you from karmic bonds and old life patterns.

The Spirit of the Lotus is growing, and we invite you to grow with us.  All are welcome and diversity is celebrated!   In addition, we have a supportive community of Ministers who are easily accessible, knowledgeable, kind, and dedicated to service.

There is but One God, One Love, and One Eternal Life!

What is the Spirit of the Lotus?