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List of Daily Goals

1. Thank GOD; Be grateful

2. Pray

3. Meditate or be silent for at least 10 minutes; Relax

4. Exercise the body, mind and spirit

5. Eat fresh greens and fruit; drink water

6. Chew your solid food well . . . at least 20 times before swallowing

7. Bring a smile to at least 3 people. Commit to being happy, this will bring smiles

8. Laugh out loud several times a day

9. Don't take life too seriously

10. Give. Do a good deed from the heart. Service to humanity. We can't give what we don't have

11. Speak positively. Be conscious of the spoken word

12. Take action toward your big goal

13. Do something different or out of your ordinary that gives you a feeling of Self

14. See good in the person you least admire

15. Tell someone, "I LOVE YOU" and mean it

16. Avoid gossip and unnecessary pain

17. Do something or go somewhere that makes you feel enriched. You can do this with a dream board

18. Sleep at least 8 hours a night

19. Say, "THANK YOU" and "I LOVE YOU" to yourself

20. Read something inspiring and/or uplifting . . . that's good for the Soul

21. Breathe


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