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Knowing Your Divine Plan

Thousands of books have been written on how to find your purpose in life, and there are probably just as many courses offered on the same subject in a variety of different media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.). Most people would agree that ascertaining their purpose in life is important -- who wouldn't want to know why they are here and what they are meant to do?


Discovering your Divine Plan is a process, like peeling back the layers of an onion. It is important to note that your Divine Plan is not something anyone else can reveal to you. Rather, it is a process of Self discovery. And to know yourself, you must go within. Stated in a slightly different fashion, how are you to know what you were meant to do in this lifetime, unless you know who you are?


We are all probably familiar with the cliché "physician heal thyself." The cliché can be interpreted in many ways, but one interpretation is that you cannot heal on the outside until you are healed within. Remember here that treating illnesses is not the same thing as knowing, on a spiritual level, why the patient got sick in the first place.


Jesus the Christ had no formal medical training, and yet he was a great healer. In fact, he was the perfect healing channel. Why? Because he was pure within, and just as important, he could see within others.

The point here is that everything starts within. If you want peace in the Middle East are you powerless to bring it? No. Go within in and find peace in yourself. Free yourself from judgment, prejudice, hatred, and a sense of lacking. All of these things are separating you from the One. Once you have found peace within, then you can bring peace to the environment around you -- peace within your family, friends, and loved ones.


But, you may be asking, how can my own inner peace and peace within my family members possibly change the course in the Middle East? Because everything is interconnected. The universe is like a spider's web of light. A change in one part of the web will affect all other parts of it. It's analogous to having a clear bucket of water. What happens if you take a small drop of green color and place it in the bucket? The color of the entire bucket takes on a greenish tinge.


This brings us back to your Divine Plan. Once you realize your Divinity, by going within, you will find an answer to the question, "What is my Divine Plan?" Your own Soul has the answer. And the answer might surprise you. Not everyone is meant to do what other people would consider to be great things. That doesn't make your job, your Divine Plan, any less important. There are billions of microscopic organisms that no one sees, and most people don't pay any attention to them, but their job is vital for life on this planet.


Knowing yourself will take commitment and effort. You will need to dedicate yourself to your spiritual practices, so you can commune with God and your Soul. This includes meditation, chanting, contemplation, and prayer work. Are you willing to dedicate yourself to going within so that your Divine Plan will be revealed to you? Like knowing your Divine Plan itself, only you know the answer.

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