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Ordained minsters of the Spirit of the Lotus are trained and experienced in officiating at weddings, baptisms, funerals and home/office blessings. All dedications officiated by a Spirit of the Lotus Minister point to God. These include, but are not limited to, ground-breaking ceremonies, laying a cornerstone, dedication of a building and/or school.







Prayer Requests

Please e-mail or Contact Us with your request.




During this time of great unrest, uncertainty, and “global cocooning,” the Spirit of the Lotus is offering classes to help you grow, move forward and acclimate to this new and often times disorienting energy that we are all experiencing.  We help you to seek out the Truth with the power of discernment. Right now we are all in a state of being overwhelmed . . . overwhelmed with information . It is important that you make choices based on trust and love. The Spirit of the Lotus gives tools for you to trust your higher intuition, to connect with your spiritual guides, to make that leap in consciousness, to be the master of your destiny, and to realize that you are a child of God. You have a great heritage, and it is time to demonstrate your extraordinary gifts that lay dormant in your soul. It is now time to know and be the Truth.  


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