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Not Bearing False Witness

The 9th Commandment reads, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor". Exodus, 20:16. This Commandment is a directive that's commonly taught to children at a young age by their parents, irrespective of the parents' religious affiliation (or lack thereof). Essentially, the parents are teaching their children not to say bad things about others. But is there a deeper meaning to this Commandment?


To truly understand it, we must remember that we are co-creators with God. We have created the environment around us, whether unconsciously (most people) or consciously. And what is the environment around us? A mirror to our soul. Thus, when you bear false witness against another, you are bearing false witness against yourself.


Remember you cannot recognize a fault in another unless you have that fault. That's probably part of the reason why so many people like the gossip shows on television. They see famous people dealing with the same everyday problems that they are encountering in their own lives.


You've all heard the cliché "What goes around comes around". The Commandment of not bearing false witness has a lot to do with this cliché. When you bear false witness against another, you have opened yourself up to someone bearing false witness against you. So if you're gossiping about someone, rest assured that someone is gossiping about you.


Follow God with all your heart, mind and soul. Believe what is right. Do what is right.

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