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The purpose of the Spirit of the Lotus Retreat Center is to align with other Crystal Cities of Light Centers throughout the world . . . ultimately preparing the way for a United States of Consciousness. What does this mean for humanity and the Earth as we know it? Individual Light Centers have a specific mission making each unique and powerful. The grid lines connecting these Centers of Light form a specific star pattern, thereby, helping humanity through the many upcoming earth changes and dimensional shifts. These earth changes are already bringing dramatic transformations to mankind’s physical, emotional, mental, and psychic bodies.

Humanity is on the cusp of a major reformation. Creativity is soaring to great heights, and people are experiencing healing on many levels. Those who are preparing for these quantum leaps in consciousness, from a self-centered will to a universal all-encompassing being, are now experiencing the divine reality of unity and compassion of the fifth dimension and beyond. These Crystal Cities of Light already exist in the etheric realm. Our present mission is to physically manifest them.

The Spirit of the Lotus owns 20 acres of land next to a mesa in Valencia County, New Mexico, close to the City of Belen. This is the site of the Retreat Center, which will be built over several years. When completed, there will be multiple structures including a Church, amphitheater, meeting/conference building, dorms for the retreatants, a cafeteria, and staff housing. There will also be designated areas for RV parking, RV camping, and tent camping. 

The land owned by the Spirit of the Lotus near Belen is magical with stunning views of the Rio Puerco river and the Sierra Ladrone Mountains. In Spanish, Belen means Bethlehem, a place to be re-born. The desert landscape purifies the body, mind and soul as well as intensifying mystical experiences. Many great saints and holy men/women went to the desert to fast and purify. In this present decade, every human soul has the potential of manifesting the grace and unlimited healing powers of the holy beings.

The Spirit of the Lotus is dedicated to protecting the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint of the Retreat Center and Church. We are committed to using eco-friendly structures and systems that sustain and preserve the environment. We envision the Retreat Center benefitting not only the local community but all that are connected to this great Crystal City of Light.  

We welcome donations in any amount to make the Retreat Center a reality. The Spirit of the Lotus is recognized by the federal government as a non-profit religious corporation under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All monetary donations are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to the Spirit of the Lotus, or a donation can be made through PayPal. Thank you to everyone who donates and supports this master project.

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