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Message from the President

Many of us are waiting for the next shoe to drop. “What next? Time is passing us by . . . Everything is happening too quickly . . . I’m ready for things to get better . . . “ As we are finishing up 2021 and getting ready to step into 2022, we are releasing the old energy patterns that do not “vibe” with the New Age Energetics of 2022. This is creating feelings of being uncomfortable in our own skin. The God/Source energies are releasing the negative particles and difficult memories that humanity is carrying. Therefore, irritating the festering wounds that each individual soul is holding on to with dear life.

December is a time of great cleansing. The Christ Light is shining everywhere, revealing Truth, not just fragments of Truth but the whole circle of Truth. The shadow world is being lit, and all that is not for the Greater Good of humanity is being revealed. Each individual soul has a choice. We can either choose to move forward and be in the Flow or be “dissolved” by the Light. The intensity of the Christ Light is moving everything to the surface. We cannot hide our talents (strengths) and/or our weaknesses. If you find yourself feeling physically weak, you may be fighting the Flow by going against the current. We need our energy to move in synchronicity with the increased velocity which is being created by the downloads being poured into Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Right now there is so much sadness in our world. The emotions of hurt, grief, sadness are guiding us to look at and face our current relationships with family, friends, Gaia, the environment, finances, etc. We are preparing ourselves to resolve these negative feelings and move forward into the Light. We can do this by being present and detached . . .

The transmuting energies of 2021 took us from chaos, uncertainty, confusion, fear, instability to great realizations of the power within us . . . and that the Universe is constantly supporting us. The full solar eclipse on December 4 will activate the higher wisdom within us. It will open the door for great expansion. The keys are TRUST and FAITH.

December 12 (12:12 Portal) will activate and strengthen our Merkaba or Spirit Light Body vehicle in which all exists. This is an important time to raise our consciousness and vibration to empower our Light Body. Believe that “this is our soul’s destiny.”

December 18 (Full Moon in Gemini) will help harmonize our chakras bringing balance to our seen and unseen selves. Unity of consciousness and balancing of the male/female polarities will create a pathway to LOVE. This will be the time to speak our TRUTH.

Join us on December 12 and 18 on ZOOM for deep level activations and class. Information will be sent out shortly.

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