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April 30, 2022 New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse Message

April 30, 2022 New Moon Solar Eclipse is a cosmic invitation to connect with our hearts desire. We are being guided to open our hearts to trust and let go of all that does not serve us. Some astrologers say that now is the time for karmic cleansing with the energies of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn moving us forward, creating abundance in our stead. Now is the time to create and manifest our dreams; however, we must first allow ourselves to heal and let go of past hurts. We do not wish to attract more pain and suffering. The Law of Attraction is “like energy attracts like. What we focus on is what we are feeding.”

The steps to create an abundant life are:

1. Recognize that joy blooms when we are experiencing beauty, grace, and no time.

2. Realize that as long as we are breathing, we are needed on this incredible planet.

3. Know that each one of us is a gift . . . life is a gift. Every single form of life is benefitting life itself.

4. Assimilate the energies of gratitude and joy by thanking Source every day.

5. Understand that every single being has his/her/its own truth, and every single being has his/her/its own path. It is not our job to try to “fix” anyone and/or tell them what they really need. It is not our job to evangelize and push our ideas and beliefs on anyone. It is not our job to rescue, save, etc. anyone; it has already been done by Jesus the Christ.

6. Believe in yourself. We are living rainbows where each is unique. Trust in the integrity of your Soul.

7. Demonstrate by walking the talk. The key is self-love. It is important that we hug ourselves a dozen times a day. Respect our bodies. When it says it is weary, REST and RELAX.

This formula guides us to the realization that to live a love-based life is to live in gratitude and trust. Most of us know to trust our intuition and Higher Self for guidance. To access the Higher Self is to be in the heart. To be in the heart and above, it is important that we are doing something that “feels good” and carries us into the realm of peace and joy. Resistance pops its head when we are in fear and doubt.

We are now experiencing multidimensionally. We are expanding our universal self. We shifted from the world of “reward, entitlement, and punishment” into a reality that is, was and ever shall be (all at the same time . . . all at once) . We are living in a vibration of all possibility . . . where there is no beginning and no end . . .

Love is the key.

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