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Crisis in the Ukraine

Something greater is rising . . . Something new is wanting to emerge through these (current world) circumstances. (Amaro Pagano, Conscious Dance, quoting Hawaiian Kumu, Maydeen Lao) Many of us (including Gaia) are carrying energies of anger, fear, sadness, loss, confusion, grief . . . regarding the war in the Ukraine. For many, it is almost impossible not to take sides. In this third dimensional world of duality, we get caught up in what is right, what is wrong, what is good and what is evil. No matter how often we are taught to avoid taking sides, to be the witness, to be neutral and dispassionate, we cannot help but waiver in times of crises. Living in this third dimensional reality, we still believe there is right/wrong, good/evil, reward/punishment and so on. “This is the way of the world.” Energy is at the root of everything and every cause in life. Everything is energy and light, and there is an untapped reservoir of energy that is a storehouse of power and unlimited potential for good. We can awaken the wisdom of how to utilize this energy that is creative and laden with all things possible. How can we access this energy to bring about peace? First, we must realize that we (our minds) are the creators of our story, and our minds are fed information by the moment to moment thoughts, vibrations, and feelings that are swirling within and all about us. If our minds are such powerful tools for emotional/mindful energy, then we (as a collective) can help manifest peace and alleviate the pain and suffering that surrounds us . . . but first we must clean our own house by being mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and words. How can we be a vessel for peace? 1. We need to give our body, emotions and mind time to process what we are experiencing individually as well as collectively. 2. Send love and light to humanity and Gaia. Please send from your heart. Whatever we feel expands. When we feel sadness and/or anger, that is the space from where we are sending the love and light. Sadness begets more sadness; it is disempowering. Love begets more love. 3. Join a prayer group to support the “new” energies of peace. We can all create together an outcome far greater than we ever imagined. World conflict helps us to unite and become a positive force. 4. Release and transmute blame. Matt Kahn says, “Blame is the first act of war . . .” 5. Understand that in war there are many victims on all sides. A person who we consider the enemy may be forced into duty by leaders of their Country. Not all enjoy death and destruction. Not all are heartless. The real “enemy” comes from within. 6. Know that everything “given” is to help us grow, awaken and ascend in consciousness. 7. Be fearless . . . By not getting caught in who is right and/or who is wrong (blame), we start to evolve. It takes courage not to be swept up by mass fear . . . by revenge. Humanity evolves when we are expressing from our hearts. Our sacred heart welcomes all. 8. Trust all is in God’s hands. His divine plan is manifesting, and we are helping it to become a reality. Humanity has never seen a time like now. We are ascending consciously in our physical bodies . . . we are blossoming into beautiful spirals of golden light. There is no more victim and victor. We are beyond all of that. We are at the point where the monopoly of our consciousness dwells in service to humanity and all kingdoms of heaven. Rumi says to dance when there is conflict, dance when you’re broken open . . . Moving the body, mind and soul to the rhythm of the universe helps us to heal. Dancing throws off the energies of worry and fear: Be kind to yourself, dear – to our innocent follies. Forget any sounds or touch you knew that did not help you dance. You will come to see that all evolves us. – Rumi We close with a message from the Arcturian Council: It is your purpose to be one who sends that positive energy out, and it is not your place to decide who is right and who is wrong. It is not the time to get caught up in conspiracy theories about what’s really going on. All of those mental gymnastics do not cause you to evolve one bit. . . . when people, and we see many of them, go within their hearts and beam love to where it is needed the most at any time in human history, we see enormous evolution, and that is what we look for at a time like this on Earth. That is what we continue to see more of, and that is why we feel so encouraged by what we see when we tune in to the consciousness of humankind.

Many blessings of Love & Light to all! Peace be with you . . .

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