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A Message about Covid 19

Blessings to Our Spirit of the Lotus Community,

Now that the world has agreed that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic threat to our well-being and President Trump has officially declared a national emergency, there is a widespread panic that is creating a palpable fear throughout the world.  There is a form of hysteria that is rearing its ugly face in stores, the internet, public places, the home and what have you. HOWEVER, we need to see the reality that whatever appears to be true is fleeting and that there is an unalterable TRUTH that reveals our much greater/higher consciousness. This hysteria is a wake up call for humanity. We cannot live in a constant state of fear for the sake of our survival.

Many have kicked into survival mode because of the fear of what tomorrow may bring. This is the fear of the unknown. What happens when there is mass fear? Time slows, and we revert to our three lower chakras to sustain us. When world consciousness awakens and rises, time as we know it quickens, and with this  quickening on a mass level:

1.    Nations are "forced" to work together against a common enemy . . . the coronavirus;

2.    There is a mindfulness of the unseen world. We are more considerate when we cough/sneeze and do care about infecting others with our germs. We wash our hands more often and more diligently. We teach our children of the importance of cleanliness. We are more aware of people's space and energy;

3.    People are forced to slow down. With the closures of public facilities, schools, etc. we now have more time to spend with the family and with God ( . . . to go within);

4.    Humanity is reaching out to others. There are examples of young people helping those in need. Families are coming together; and

5.   Many are realizing how fragile life can be and do not to take anything for granted. We are seeking deeper answers to life's "age old" questions.

What to do? Thank God and your angels/guides every single day for all that you have . . . all that you give . . . all that you receive. Thank God for what this virus is teaching us and for the positive effects it's having on human consciousness. Take command of your individuality, and do NOT succumb to mass fear and hysteria. Know that you have the power to make a difference. You have the ability to change the world and influence those around you with your charity, benevolence, creativity, love . . . Please do not sit around waiting for doomsday. It will never come because humanity is rising to the heart of the CROWN. Humanity is resurrecting in consciousness. Together we can make a difference. Go to God. Call for the Light! Call for victory in the Light! We have the power to transform darkness into Light! God bless you and keep you. 

Love & Blessings, Tara. . .

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