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Death of Our Old Self Leads to Resurrection


Many of you are experiencing symptoms of grief which first starts off as disbelief and denial. You may now be feeling angry, depressed, and even guilty for being healthy, alive, privileged, and/or White/African American/Native American/Asian/Hispanic, etc. You are definitely not alone during this most uncomfortable and unprecedented time. The whole of humanity is experiencing the futility of going back to the “old way of life.” This feeling of futility stems from a wave of energy that is infiltrating Earth’s atmosphere catapulting us into a higher dimensional frequency. Those of us who are resisting this higher dimensional frequency are having difficulty finding balance.  

What we are witnessing is the “death” of our old selves. What we thought was “normal” in our lives is now being uprooted. We hear the cries of people wanting things to go back to “the way they were,” and these people are fighting tooth and nail against their own transformation.

We are all unique souls in unique bodies. Fear of death (i.e., fear of the unknown) comes from the collective consciousness. People feel knocked off of their foundation and adrift in a sea of isolation, financial difficulties, suffering, death, racial unrest, etc. Many are coping by detaching from their emotions so they cannot feel the pain. They are choosing to feel numb and tired. When our brain analyzes a situation as life threatening, it will start to trigger a biological solution to reduce this level of stress. Solutions to this stress are often illness and even death.

We need to break from this mass consciousness to be of service. How we do this is by releasing the new higher dimensional energies from within us. This will help transform the mass energy of humanity. It is important to realize that we are ancient and wise souls regaining our sovereignty. Therefore, we need to see what is really happening here on Earth.

What is Really Happening?

2018 was an intense year. Humanity released its deepest karma. Now the past is coming up for us to “let go,” because we have gotten everything we need from the third and fourth dimensional realities. Now we are going through a “planetary reset” that this Earth and solar system has never before experienced. All of our lifetimes prepared us for this great awakening. 2020 is about who we’ve been, leading to who we are. Here is a partial list of what we might be experiencing:

· Some of us are outgrowing the third dimension making it difficult to navigate life;

· We are expanding into multiple lives, and we are experiencing gifts that we never knew we had;

· Karmic pain and injuries are rising in the body;

· This energy shift is throwing everyone off balance -- physically, emotionally, and mentally;

· We are getting forgetful . . . At the same time, we are remembering who we truly are; and

· Those who remember their Galactic Selves are being activated for service.

Death of our old self leads to resurrection. We are not here to “fix” anyone. We are here to release our old beliefs and step into our Ascended Master Self. Humanity has never done this before which is very disturbing to the ego.  The ego wants to keep us small. By allowing our bodies to process the energy of Love and keeping the “Pearl of Wisdom” in every situation, we are helping our brothers and sisters to heal and regain hope. We do not need to process the energies of others anymore. Every soul has the will to choose. The fifth and higher dimensional energies have “no more buts.” Our journey is our gift to humanity. The choices that we make help create our reality. Live in the moment . . . be grateful for all that life gives. We agreed before we were born to the role we play.  We created it all.

Love, Tara

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