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The Spirit of the Lotus thanks you for taking the time to discover who we are, and how we can help. We welcome all people.  It does not matter what your religious background, ethnicity, and/or life's circumstance is. We believe there is unity in diversity. We believe God’s Love is the key to all of life’s unsolved problems. By joining us for church services, sharing and experiencing our classes, workshops, and retreats, we sincerely believe that it will impact your life in a most positive way.

Blessings of Love & Light!

Welcome to 2023! Harken to the multidimensional calling to create beyond our wildest dreams! Humanity is going beyond the third dimensional reality by creating molecular structures which were once inconceivable. The years of shifts and quantum leaps of consciousness bring us to this point of “new beginnings.”

There is a collective consciousness that directs mass energies which control our climate, political and educational systems, health, wealth, etc. Humanity is very accustomed to living our lives in our heads. Our minds created a reality that now separates us from Source. Our minds created a system to help us survive. To release this limited (separation) mind set, we must pay attention to what we say, think, feel, and do.

We are creating by attracting, repulsing with the energies we emit. By letting go of the old fear, beliefs, thoughts, and habits that clipped our wings and kept us caged, we attract the higher vibrations of love, unity, peace, joy, prosperity, wisdom, grace . . . By letting go of the old energies, we can create from higher vibrational realities and/or dimensions.

Right now, Spirit of the Lotus is building a retreat center, a Crystal City of Light in Belen, New Mexico ( We believe that this Center will help with humanity’s ascension process by anchoring the crystalline light and energy of the Lemurian wisdoms and waters. Through our great capacity to image, a Retreat Center that is in harmony with multidimensionality, divine harmonics, and universal consciousness is more than possible. Now we are realizing that humans have been working with mostly four elements. The fifth element of ethers will be the matrix system of a material yet to be discovered.

To put things in perspective, the genius mathematician Terence Tao thought about the possibility of water spontaneously exploding. He called it “a catastrophic singularity.” The New York Times Magazine’s article “The Singular Mind of Terry Tao” explains his theory “that by tossing a penny into the fountain by the faculty center or skipping a stone at the Santa Monica beach could apparently set off a chain reaction that would take out Southern California.” The density of the energy (at its core) becomes this “catastrophic singularity.” This has not been “invented” yet; however, it already exists in the etheric world. (Not to worry. Humanity will not be given advance information until we are ready. Just imagine, you are much greater than what is being described. You alone can light up the world.)

We can now use basic elements to revolutionize industry and civilization just by expanding our understanding and knowledge of the unfathomable possibilities of energy. This can be applied to building a retreat center that is environmentally friendly and works with higher frequencies.


Spirit of the Lotus is making the call for those who are casting off their old grey cloak and are ready for a magnificent challenge . . . an opportunity to be part of a vanguard of creators for a New Earth. If you have ideas and would like to contribute (in any way) to the Build Crystal City of Light project, please contact us at Many blessings of Love and Light, and thank you from our heart to your heart!


PO Box 881, Belen, NM, 87002

(505) 859-3430

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©2020 by Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom. 

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