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Many ask, “What is the Aquarian Age and when did it begin?” What we are now experiencing is the Age of Aquarius bringing about massive social, political, spiritual, and personal changes. It is all about unity, truth, community, revolution . . . transmuting the darkness into light. There are many theories as to when the Age of Aquarius began:

            In 1967 the musical Hair pronounced “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” The anthem                      song for the musical became a mantra for those who wanted a cause and for those who sought              change, social justice, peace, and equality. However, this was not the actual beginning of the                New Age. It just opened the door which gave humanity a peek of what was to come.

            The Age of Aquarius is actually a shift in consciousness, energy and frequency. With the                      technological revolution, there came a whole “new” energy and perspective. Where it once                 was believed that “bigger is better,” the semi-conductor and electronics industry showed us                  that smaller is more efficient and desirable. Phones, computers, etc. became not only smaller,              but much more efficient. One device (e.g., cell phone, computer, etc.) could do the work of                  many and in lightning speed. Plus, these devices could be put in the hands of any person no                  matter their race, economic station, sex, etc. This technological revolution blew open the                      doors of the new millennium. A whole new energy began to take over. The world became                    much smaller . . . communication became much faster than ever before. We heard of                            countries and its people that most of humanity were very much unaware. This created an                      environment where “there are no secrets.” Even the Universe started to unveil its deepest                    mysteries. Governmental corruption, social injustice, inadequacies in our educational system              . . . EXPOSED! The breaking down of the old guard so that the New Age energy can enter                  began. Yes, it began with a revolution; it was a revolution in the mind or Solar Plexus Chakra              of humanity.

With the great technological evolution and revolution came a battle for our attention . . . for our well-being. The past few decades introduced many changes in technology and how we communicate. The rise in demand for access to new frequency ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum from wireless devices increased our concern about the adverse effects of radiation. Scientists discovered that prolonged exposure to continuous-wave radiation increased the genomic instability of our white blood cells which we know compromises our health and immune system. With the breakdown of the immune system, diseases (such as COVID) can run rampant.


Children are the most compromised. Researchers are finding that frequent use of mobile devices “appear” to be associated with some childhood behavioral problems, physiological addiction, insomnia, poor posture and so on. However, we need not fear. Fear is a magnet. The children of today are brilliant, resourceful, and they are Light Beings. They are here with a purpose. The purpose is to help bring forth the New Earth energies. We as parents to these special children have a responsibility to re-introduce them to the beauty of Nature and their true nature. Children have an innocence and wonder that make all things possible.


2022 is offering us more opportunities to grow and expand. Yes, there are events in our lives such as COVID, war, famine, climate change, 5G . . . that take our attention. We need to remember “where attention goes, energy flows,” and that humanity has dominion over the Earth, sky, sea, and all that they contain. We are co-creators, great manifesters, creating magic wherever we go. The Age of Aquarius is a time of expanding consciousness. Through collaboration, teamwork, and mastering our personal power, humanity will enter the New Age with Grace and ease. It need not be a birthing process of great pain and suffering. We cannot resonate with the New World energy if we are still clinging to the past, and stuck in judgement, shame, guilt, denial of our authentic Self. The energies of Truth, Love, Light and taking self-responsibility continue to dominate 2022. We are all saying goodbye to 3rd dimensional thinking of reward and punishment . . . of duality. Time is speeding up because we are vibrating faster into no time. The world of duality is taking a back seat to the benevolence of the 5th, 6th and higher dimensions. We are all God’s children, and this is a magnificent heritage. Om Tat Sat Om.


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