The Spirit of the Lotus thanks you for taking the time to discover who we are, and how we can help. We welcome all people.  It does not matter what your religious background, ethnicity, and/or life's circumstance is. We believe there is unity in diversity. We believe God’s Love is the key to all of life’s unsolved problems. By joining us for church services, sharing and experiencing our classes, workshops, and retreats, we sincerely believe that it will impact your life in a most positive way.


2021 is a year for the masses to be heard. It is NOW time for us to hone our skills and to discover new creative talents that lie latent within us. Some are still asking why we are here and what purpose is there to life? They hide behind the belief that they are average, and powerless. Many believe that we cannot change the state of our personal economy and that humanity is controlled by the privileged few.

Belief is powerful. It creates our perspective in how we see life and the world. Belief can either  keep us down or help lift us to incredible heights. Humanity’s belief system is crumbling. We are literally witnessing and experiencing the downfall of governmental power and credibility, educational and economic systems, religious strongholds, etc. We are realizing not everything is what it appears to be. The veil between the third/fourth dimension(s) and the higher dimensions is torn. What only a few saw coming ten or more years ago is now evident to the masses. Our reality is shifting! Our belief system, therefore, our perspective is now on unsteady ground. We are experiencing finer energies that are opening new vistas and making us question what we have been fed for eons of time.

Our limiting beliefs prevent us from seeing the “all possibilities”.  Therefore, how do we change the belief in ourselves . . . going from limited to the unlimited new reality? Beliefs are strengthened through experience. When we experience an emotion and/or physical incident, we believe it to be true. It is now time to experience our God given gifts that can change the world around us.

Many view the current state of our beloved planet as dire and apocalyptic. It is important to remember that it is “darkest before the dawn.” In this third dimensional reality we live in duality. This means for us to ascend in consciousness and raise our vibration, we are often challenged by the shadow self that creates images of lack and despair. We are diamonds in the rough. Friction, heat, and pressure are polishing each facet of our being, making us shine brilliantly and shaping us into powerful superhuman beings. By unraveling our fragile ego nature and limited core beliefs, we can re-create ourselves. We then allow ourselves to explore the gifts and unlimited opportunities to be self-aware, self-realized, self-responsible, self-determined, self-conscious . . .

The universe is expanding; therefore, we are evolving with it. As the universe expands, the world that we know is collapsing. We are now birthing a New Earth where collective consciousness is expanding, uniting, and evolving. What does this mean for humanity? Everything on and in Earth is evolving . . . Love is ever evolving. Truth is evolving. The Virtues are all evolving as well as animal, plant, and mineral life.  With evolution comes the awareness of all that is preventing us from mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. The self that has been buried due to fear, guilt, and shame is rising to the surface to be recognized and freed. The Universe/Source/God is always present to guide and protect us through the most challenging events in our lives. God is LOVE. Therefore, LOVE is the key to our freedom, ascension, and self-realization.

Believe it or not, being stuck in the mind is the opposite of Love. The mind draws conclusions, assumes, prejudges, describes, analyzes . . . all to gain control. When we do not know who we are, what is our purpose of being, how to genuinely express our gifts/talents, we are in the mind. We are trying to figure it all out. We cannot receive the deep wisdoms when we are not in the heart. When we are in the heart, we know.

Relax and go within. Anchor and bathe yourself in Love (self-love) and ALLOW for self-discovery. ALLOW the transmutation flame to illuminate the darkness and turn it into golden light. We are the masters of our life. We command the direction that our ship takes. We are ever evolving Love and Light.

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