The Spirit of the Lotus thanks you for taking the time to discover who we are, and how we can help. We welcome all people.  It does not matter what your religious background, ethnicity, and/or life's circumstance is. We believe there is unity in diversity. We believe God’s Love is the key to all of life’s unsolved problems. By joining us for church services, sharing and experiencing our classes, workshops, and retreats, we sincerely believe that it will impact your life in a most positive way.


On April 4 and 5, 2020 more than one million people gathered for a global meditation that shook the foundation of the “old guard” and set the momentum for mass healing and ascension consciousness. When there is a collective intention for good, there is an acceleration of energy on an individual as well as a global level. Mother Earth is already experiencing a quickening of light and energy that is making the masses feel very unsteady and fearful.

How we come through these “earth changes” and energy shifts depends on our attitude. When we are unconscious, we give our power away and get swept into fear. We can choose to step out of the mass consciousness of the fear of “what tomorrow will bring” and stay conscious by being present in the here and now. When we are present, we experience the support of the unseen world, of our angels and guides. When we are present, we serve as a catalyst for human expansion where everything has potential. We become empowered!

Many “seers” are predicting that 2020 is bringing more chaos to our finances, well-being (health) and communication. We do not need to buy into the gloom and doom. Yes, it is easy to be swept up energetically by the fear that is spreading globally. However, we have a choice. We can choose to stay above the chaos. There is a new energy that is helping to transform the mass fear that is sweeping the world. This higher vibrational energy is creating a connectedness and an alignment which is changing our reality.

Who and with what are we aligning ourselves? By aligning ourselves with the higher vibrations of love, peace, joy, courage, etc., we are changing our “emotional plasticity” and living the life of an empowered being.

2020 is giving us the chance to release the old baggage and make room for greater opportunities to thrive. It brings hope and transformation. It is a year of growth, of Light  . . . and a year of enlightenment! May God bless you and keep you.

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