The Spirit of the Lotus is raising funds for a new church in Belen!  Would you please help us with a donation?  If you are not able to donate, would you share this campaign on your social media pages?

 GoFundMe Campaign 

We are heading overseas to Fregene, Italy. There are only 3 spots remaining for the 2019 Retreat.. If you would like more information, please email us at so that you can receive updates.  Thank you!

"Spirit of the Lotus" is now listed as a charity on Amazon Smile.  We would really appreciate any support! 

During the month of February, your check-ins on Facebook provide meals to children in need.   #givemeals

To participate, simply check-in to one of three locations on Facebook: 

1. Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom Santa Clara

2. Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom New Mexico

3. Build City of Light

You can check in before, during, or after Sunday service.   Please feel free to tag any of the ministers on Facebook while checking-in.  Tagging one minister, or all of the ministers, will generate services for persons in need! Your participation costs nothing; the only sacrifice is a small amount of your time and a Facebook post!   

Spirit of the Lotus hosts a 
BLOG.  We welcome your comments and thoughts!



The Spirit of the Lotus welcomes

people of all religious faiths and

backgrounds.  We believe there is

one God, and emphasize teachings and 

principles which promote love and unity.

The Church endorses personal 

responsibility and the achievement of

spiritual empowerment and self-

mastery through  knowledge, service,

meditation, chanting, and prayer. 


Aura readings and counseling are available 

from Rev. Tara Lang. Please contact by email at to schedule a reading and/or counseling. 

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