One God, One Love, One Eternal Life

Spirit of the Lotus 

Church and School of Wisdom

Welcome to the Spirit of the Lotus

The Spirit of the Lotus welcomes people of all religious faiths and backgrounds. We believe in one God, and emphasize teachings and principles which promote love and unity.  The Church endorses personal responsibility and the achievement of spiritual empowerment and self-mastery through knowledge, service, meditation, chanting, and prayer. 

We are heading overseas to Fregene, Italy. If you would like more information, please email us at so that you can receive updates.  Thank you!

You Can Help Us Make a Difference!

During the month of July, every check-in on Facebook provides 50 gallons of water to a child in need. #givewater

To participate, simply check-in to one of three locations on Facebook: 

1. Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom Santa Clara

2. Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom New Mexico

3. Build City of Light

You can check in anytime!  Tag any of the ministers on Facebook while checking-in to generate more donations.   Your participation costs nothing; the only sacrifice is a small amount of your time and a Facebook post!