Tara Lang is the Woman Behind the Scenes at the Spirit of the Lotus. Saying that she is the minister there isn't the whole picture, for me. Throughout my whole life I have been looking for Peace. I thought it was some place or with someone, "out there." But through her Rainbow Bridge Meditation classes and services, I have not only found Peace (within) but I now can access it consciously, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is the Spirit of the Lotus. Tara inspires one to take this discovered Peace and share it with the world.

-Tai Chi Joe

I’ve known Tara (Chris) Lang since 1987. I attended her 9-month Rainbow Bridge training --twice -- as well as other master classes and retreats over the years. What can I say? I kept coming back because she radiates God’s light, speaks the truth, and generously shares her wisdom and love. Even though her body is petite, her spirit glows like the noon-day sun. She continues to be a blessing in my life and everyone who comes in contact with her.

-David Humes

During the last retreat I had an incredible experience during meditation, I have felt Angel’s with me before, but this was truly indescribable. The amount of information given plus the experiential knowledge prepares me for the year. The alchemy of the group, and the Teacher, Rev. Lang, make for a once in a lifetime experience every year.


Individually each Spirit of the Lotus retreat is a one of a kind event. By reducing the number of attendees a more intimate environment is created where growth and change can occur and is accepted. While each retreat is setup around a basic theme they are not defined by it allowing for a free flowing sense that is inspired by the group setting, event, and spirit. Tara’s connection and ability to accept and convey spiritual guidance allows each of these retreats to be a unique experience that one will soon not forget.

-Dante Miguel

The Spirit of the Lotus 2011 Hawaii Retreat was a wonderful time of spiritual reflection, interaction with like minded aspirants, and personal enrichment. The retreat was well organized and student focused. Reverend Tara did a splendid job of weaving together the spiritual concepts we were learning at the center with the excursions we took into the community. Reverend Tara is a gentle yet effective teacher whose primary goal is to empower and advance her students. The retreats are a wonderful opportunity to receive her inspired teachings that emphasize individual mastership and connecting with the divine.

-Sangeetha Gali

I have known Reverend Tara for long time. And she always leads me to the right track and back to the God everytime when I am struggling or have the big challenge in my life. And everytime when I can be with Tara, I always learn so much from her. But since I live in Dallas, I always feel I don't have the time I need with her to learn. But when Tara starts to have the retreat every year from 2009, I am very happy. I have attended two retreats. When the retreat started the first day, I always thought I would not make it because it's so intensive and so much to learn. But by end of the retreat, I really wished it could be longer than it was. I have learned better in the rainbow bridge meditation, manifesting the dream, the angelic kindom, think and grow rich and more. And the retreats also combined the fun body exercise part too. I love the Yoga, Taichi and even Hawaii hula dance. And I love the retreats location too. I feel also that the more times I go, the better I learn.

-Veronica Kuo

My experience at the Spirit of the Lotus Kona Retreat was life-changing! I loved beginning each morning with Yoga surrounded by the fragrant pikaki flowers in the garden. The food, which was lovingly prepared for us nourished our bodies, while the ample meditation time in some of the most beautiful places on the island soothed my soul. Reverend Tara's excursions harmoniously paired the incredible history of the island with spiritual teachings. All of this added up the the most meaningful experience and gave me new eyes from which to view the world.

I am so grateful for the experience of deepening my own spiritual practice, joining the wonderful Spirit of the Lotus community, and making life-long friends. Thank you!

-Miranda von Stockhausen

Upon arriving in Washington, D.C. one immediately feels the difference in energy from that in the bay area. We stayed in a beautiful home where one had a grand view of the lush greenery and majestic trees and yes, a creek that ran through the backyard from the Potomac River, which was just walking distance. Our days began with fun gentle yoga, then prayer in the mornings, followed by breakfast. All the meals were catered and delicious! Discourses and meditations fed our souls. Many of us experienced powerful revelations. Angelic presences filled the room and were palpable throughout the week. The tours touched each one of us deeply with a new sense of respect for the founders and builders of this beautiful Country. It truly was great retreat!

-Bhakti 2013

After immersing in the last retreat in Washington DC, I returned to the Silicon Valley with a renewed appreciation for my country, for the ideals and principles that gave birth to our nation. The shared journey with other seekers helped my soul rediscover the spiritual destiny of the United States from places far beyond Enlightenment thinkers and the Iroquois Confederacy. The Spirit of the Lotus has become more than a building, city, or location. It feels like a bridge that brings our highest ideals into reality.

-Daniel 2013

I have attended a number of Spirit Of the Lotus retreats and each one was a wonderful opportunity to go deeper with my spiritual practices in a relaxed and informal setting. I enjoyed the lectures and discussions and it was great to extend our practices to the physical level through Tai Chi, Yoga and Hula. I have gained new insights, made new friends and had lots of fun at these retreats and am looking forward to attending more in the future. Thank you Tara for these wonderful and unique experiences.

-Tina Schwartz

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