Church Services are held every Sunday from 10:00am - 11:00am PDT/PST. The Church is the nurturing aspect of God, helping us to experience freedom and liberation by uniting us with divine Spirit. We believe in one God, one Universal Power. ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME, irrespective of their religious experiences and background, for we believe there is unity in diversity.  The Church services follow a format of: 1. chanting; 2. a short prayer; 3. a reading; 4. a discourse or homily; and 5. meditation. Body, mind, and spirit are thus engaged.  Sunday is associated with the blue ray. The blue ray is the first movement out of the purity of the Lotus, symbolizing God's divine truth and creative power. Sunday Services are broadcast live via Ustream every Sunday at 10:00am PST/PDT.  Click on the Ustream link below to watch Sunday Services live or to view past services and other recorded material

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