Closing poem from the Sedona 2015 Retreat

We Are the Stupa

Lord Buddha waves me near,

Peace flags extinguish the fear.

Circle upon circle of clearing,

"Om Mani Padme Hum", joyously


Searing heat opens the pores,

His mighty honor to absorb.

The time to change is here & now,

Daily meditation revealed the how.

The privilege of the path is to keep on walking

Expand the heart to hear it talking

Don't give up, we have come this far.

Glorious Amitabha grants the six pointed star. 

We Love You God

Praise You God

Thank You God

S. Gali


SONG from the Sedona 2015 Retreat

The Great 8

Sun, Moon, Stars

Be with me this day

I'm traveling to my Lord

There's sunshine all the way

Joyful sounds above

There's angels singing near

Tellin' stories of my Lord

Yes, His mighty plan is clear


All together Now

All in Harmony

One Family we shall be

Yes, One family we shall be

Yes, one family we shall be!

                                                                                       Rev. Joseph Marc Cowden

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