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Spirit of the Lotus 

Church and School of Wisdom

  • Aerial View from North
    Aerial View from North
  • Promenade to the Healing Center
    Promenade to the Healing Center
  • Aerial view from West
    Aerial view from West
  • Promenade to the Welcome center
    Promenade to the Welcome center
  • Promenade to the Church
    Promenade to the Church
  • Aerial view from Southwest
    Aerial view from Southwest
  • Aerial view from Northwest
    Aerial view from Northwest
  • Church View
    Church View
Aerial View from North
Aerial View from North
The Spirit of the Lotus owns 20 acres of land next to a mesa in Valencia County, New Mexico, close to the 
City of Belen. This is the site of the Retreat Center, which will be built over several years. When completed,
there will be multiple structures including a Church, amphitheater, meeting/conference building, dorms for 
the retreatants, a cafeteria, and staff housing. There will also be designated areas for RV parking, RV 
camping, and tent camping. 

The Retreat Center will be aligned with other Light Centers throughout the world, and will be part of a Crystal City or City of Light. Each Light Center will have a specific mission making each unique and powerful. The grid lines connecting these Centers of Light will form specific star patterns, therefore, helping humanity through the many, upcoming earth changes. These earth changes will bring dramatic shifts to mankind’s physical, emotional, mental and psychic bodies. Humanity’s creativity will soar to great heights, and people will experience healing on many levels of consciousness and dimensions. This healing of humanity will be dramatic. Each individual will make a quantum leap in consciousness -- from a self-centered will to a universal all-encompassing being. Humanity will be diving off the precipice of the third and fourth dimensions into the divine reality of unity and compassion.

The land owned by the Spirit of the Lotus near Belen is magical to say the least. In Spanish, Belen means Bethlehem, a place to be re-born. The desert landscape purifies the body, mind and soul as well as intensifying mystical experiences. Many great saints and holy men/women went to the desert to fast and purify. 

Humanity is on the cusp of a major transformation. The prototype of man and woman came in the body of the great saints and holy beings . . . in the body of the Christ. The miracles that Jesus the Christ demonstrated set the pattern for the future human. This is why Jesus the Christ proclaimed that whatever he did, we can and will do. His wounds from the crucifixion opened up the floodgates of our crystal body; thus, making us the perfect healing instrument of God. We are and will be a clear and perfect channel for (and in) the Christ Light. 

The land owned by the Spirit of the Lotus is bounded on the West by the Rio Puerco, and there are stunning views over this river to the Southwest of the Sierra Ladrone Mountains and Ladrone Peak. We envision a meditation trail running along the Rio Puerco, with meditation gazebos at various points to take advantage of the wonderful views. The plan is for the Retreat Center to accommodate a total of approximately 100 people.
  • Full Site Plan for Phase One: June 24th, 2014
    Full Site Plan for Phase One: June 24th, 2014
  • Partial Site Plan
    Partial Site Plan
  • Welcome Center
    Welcome Center
  • First Draft of the Site Plan - April 17th, 2014
    First Draft of the Site Plan - April 17th, 2014
  • Conference Center Meeting Rooms
    Conference Center Meeting Rooms
  • Amphitheater for the Community and Performing Arts
    Amphitheater for the Community and Performing Arts
  • Cafeteria
  • The Healing Center
    The Healing Center
Full Site Plan for Phase One: June 24th, 2014
Full Site Plan for Phase One: June 24th, 2014

The Spirit of the Lotus is dedicated to protecting the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint of the Retreat Center and Church. We recognize the many benefits of eco-friendly structures such as sustainability, affordability, disaster protection, energy savings, and durability. As a result, we are committed to using eco-friendly structures a well as a water catchment system, and we would love to have sustainable gardens on the land. 

The planned Retreat Center will obviously be open for spiritual retreats, but it will not be limited to this purpose. Rather, it will also be open to non-religious, non-spiritual retreats. We see the Retreat Center as not only beneficial to the Spirit of the Lotus and those who may retreat there, but to the local community as well. 

Among these many benefits are the following:

1. There will be employment opportunities for the local community as the construction of the Retreat Center and Church takes place, and there will be additional employment opportunities once we are fully functioning; 

2. The Church will have regular services open to the public. As noted above, the Spirit of the Lotus is an interfaith church, and everyone is welcome;

3. Any number of community groups will be able to schedule retreats in a convenient, beautiful location. They will also be able to rent portions of the Retreat Center including the meeting/conference building and the amphitheater; 

4. Given its eco-friendly structures, sustainable gardens, and events, it is our hope that the Retreat Center will become something of a landmark for the area which will attract visitors from all over, and this will certainly benefit the local economy; and

5. Even if not on retreat, the public will be welcome to walk the grounds taking in the beauty of the meditation trail, the gardens, and the landscape.

We welcome donations in any amount to make the Retreat Center a reality. The Spirit of the Lotus is recognized by the federal government as a non-profit religious corporation under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All monetary donations are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to the Spirit of the Lotus, or you can make a donation through Paypal. Thank you to everyone who donates and supports this master project.