The Spirit of the Lotus’ annual retreats help participants connect more deeply with the mystical Teachings and the Light within. Retreats are a time to experience joy and acceptance that translate into self-awareness. This can only be done by withdrawing from the noise and challenges of the everyday world that demand our attention. Each retreat is dedicated to a “theme” that opens up the portal to greater understanding of who we are, why we are here, where we come from, and our divine purpose. Yoga (by a certified teacher), Tai Chi Chuan (Yang, Chen and Sun styles), hula, posture and meditation exercises are usually introduced at every retreat. Vegetarian meals are the norm from caterers who do their best to buy from local organic farms. Classes incorporate the beauty of nature and the ancient teachings of the ascended masters. There is also free time to explore, relax, read and/or make new friends. The loving and nurturing environment provides the retreatants a safe, comforting and joy-filled experience.

2014 Retreat on Kaua'i

2013 Retreat in Washington D.C.: The Role of the Angelic Kingdom

2012 Retreat in Tijeras, New Mexico

2011 Retreat on the Big Island, Hawai'i

2010 Retreat in Los Gatos, California

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