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Creating Beyond the Old Reality

Right now I am reading responses from neighbors regarding the California wildfires. Many of us living in this Land of Paradise are getting ready to evacuate our homes. My 90+ year old neighbor is nonplussed and is going about business as usual though our area is on the “Evacuation Warning” list. Why is this happening? We can blame Thor all we want for starting this carnage. The spectacular thunder/lightning display is supposedly the trigger that set off many of the fires in Northern California.

In reality, there is no blame. This purification by fire is of our own creation. Human beings are magnificent co-creators, and we do not realize how powerful we are. Underneath our brilliant façade is a superhuman being. We continue to create in the now every second, every moment. Our “trial by fire” is a purification. It is the first step to letting go so that something new can grow . . . something “ever green.”

What are we creating in the now? Only the “I”, as an individual, can affect the outcome of reality. Therefore, are we (as a conscious group) creating good in our world? We all have good intentions. We are doing our best to recycle unwanted plastics, cardboard, glass, etc. In the new world that we are fast approaching, recycling the old and craving to go back to the way it was cannot survive the quickening of moving into higher dimensional living. Mother Nature is the major catalyst that is helping us to let go of “how things were.”

Humanity is awakening and has good intentions to create a new and kinder world. However, by using old techniques and “tried and true” belief systems, we find ourselves suffering. This is because we cannot go back. By thinking we can just tweak here and there the old mechanics, we will get a new product is foolish and unwise. We need to have courage to step out into a new frontier “where no man has gone before.”

It is important during these uncertain times to have courage to face our fears and doubts which prevent us from moving forward. Right now there is so much fear. There is fear of the virus, fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of change, fear of loss/lost, fear of . . . and the list goes on. What is happening now is the Light is overcoming the darkness. We are being enlightened to the Truth. For this to happen within us, we must allow Peace and Love to enter our hearts so that we are a beacon. We must allow the fire within us to ignite our genius! We cannot give what we do not have. Write in bold letters on a mirror “I AM WORTHY! I AM ENOUGH!” Affirm every single day, “I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, I AM NOW, I AM!” We are the all possibility.

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