The Spirit of the Lotus (SOL) lies safely within the

Teachings of the Great Masters. It uses the form of the Lotus to experience the manifestations of the Word.  The SOL allows us to have conscious contact with God the Father which in turn releases the Master Within.  It uses the Rainbow Bridge as its vehicle to take us from the darkness into Light, from the unreal to the Real, from the illusion of death to Immortality, from chaos into unsurpassed beauty. 

The Lotus is the Master Contractor that correlates the consciousness for building the great Bridge to Freedom. The SOL has no dogma; it never limits itself to sex, race, color, religion and/or creed. It is the guiding light that helps illuminate and realize the Word or Shabd; therefore it gives its students and practitioners the impetus toward Self-Realization.  The Church and School of Wisdom continue to evolve and grow. . .teaching, encouraging and inspiring disciples along the Path. 

-excerpt from the SOL Minister's Handbook


The Spirit of the Lotus believes there is one God, one human race, and one life eternal. We endeavor to unveil the universal laws and spiritual principles found in the ancient wisdoms as well as in the major religious lineages. We emphasize love and believe in unity through diversity. The Spirit of the Lotus also endorses personal responsibility and the achievement of spiritual empowerment and self-mastery through knowledge, meditation, chanting, and prayer. In this fashion, each individual is given the tools to be of service to God and humanity through the realization of their divine purpose.

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