One God, One Love, One Eternal Life

Spirit of the Lotus 

Church and School of Wisdom

The Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom is making the call for new ministers. Ministerial applicants will meet with Rev. Tara once a week for 6 months. The goals of the program are to:

1.    disseminate the Teachings;
2.    instill greater discipline;
3.    prepare the applicants for the "Great Shift" (Great Trial) within themselves, and clear subconscious/karmic blocks;
5.    help the student to understand the vastness of their purpose and to know they are worthy;
6.    take the student to the heart level to be of service to God and humanity; and
7.    inspire . . .

Entrance Requirements:
1.    a sincere heart;
2.    a handwritten paper stating your purpose as to why you would like to become a minister for the Spirit of the Lotus;
3.    Fee to be determined.

Class Syllabus (tentative):
Introduction will include the Role of the Spirit of the Lotus Minister
Constructing the Rainbow Bridge Parts I and II
Path to Enlightenment Parts I, II, III
The Soul & Its Journey
Spirit of the Lotus' Perspective on Creation Parts I and II: Stages, Adam and Eve, Humanity
The Audible Sound
The Great Invocation & The Plan
The Lord's Prayer
Dreams Part I & II
Sin and the Problem with Evil
The Story of Job & Biblical Stories Unveiled Parts I and II
Trusting Your Higher Intuition/ Symbolism
Being of Service
The Mystic Leaders of Today
There is Only One
The Last Word

Each student is required to write a 10+ page thesis due by the end of the course. A diploma will be given and ordination will be conducted after the completion of the Ministers' Program.

Classes will begin in March 2020 and end some time in September 2020. Date(s) and time will be determined.