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We would like to thank John Watson for the inspiration for this blog:

The Spirit of the Lotus is the story of sacrifice and love. It is our story of how we, as human souls, struggle to reach for understanding and enlightenment. Jesus the Christ proclaimed, “. . . for I proceed from God” (John 8:42). The Son proceeds from the Father God . . . The Mother God (Holy Spirit) proceeds from the Son and Father creating “God in three persons” or Holy Trinity.

The lotus seed is the oldest kernel of truth in our human ancestry. It vibrates at a very low rate and yet holds the “image” of untold beauty and truth. It can only grow in very stagnant waters transforming as it grows, dropping its seeds as it reaches for the light.

The story of the Spirit of the Lotus begins when Father God took pity on this lowly seed that was lost in the dark murky waters of creation. He sent His only begotten Son to give life and inspiration to this seed of such low frequency. The Son by the command of his Father was to show the lotus the way to freedom from the harsh and unforgiving darkness even if it meant giving up his mortal life.

Before the Son could begin his journey, he asked his Mother, the Holy Spirit, to go forth and breathe life into the seed so the lotus with all its potential could be born. The Holy Spirit descended into the tiny seed and animated every cell and atom of its being. Spirit decided to live in the seed until the lotus was ready to give up its mortal body.

As the lotus emerged from the seed, it was tossed about by the currents of the murky waters. The light of the Son appeared to be doused by the darkness; however, the voice of the Mother kept encouraging the flower to open up its heart to the Son, because the Son was ever present.

God the Father gave the Lotus a stem, the spine of the flower, so it could climb. God the father gave the Lotus roots so it could anchor itself to survive the tumultuous currents of life and not drift away into the land of the forgotten. God the Father gave the lotus a flower so it could transmute, transform and transfigure the darkness into light while keeping its individuality. God the Mother breathed life into the Lotus. God the Son sustained the life as well as gave of its life so that every generation of lotuses could return home and live eternally in the light.

Through the love and sacrifice of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the One Without a Second), the lotus flower emerged into the Light of Self . . . It never lost its faith; it never lost hope. Its Spirit now soars and sings the “Song of God” resplendent and transcendent. The lotus flower represents our all possibility and the ability to overcome. It achieves enlightenment by being self-realized. It can only be purified if it is born in the muddy waters of illusion. Its environment brings forth its beauty and God’s grace.

We are all beauty unfolding to the greater Truth. We reach our greatest potential through struggle and often times defeat. We are both the dark and the light struggling to achieve enlightenment with help from Wisdom and Compassion. We are children of God crossing over the Rainbow Bridge to Enlightenment. However, we must first realize that we are already enlightened. We are just being reborn into the Light.


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