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Yes, You! We are making the call and “the call compels the answer!” We are on the precipice of the most exciting time for humanity. Prophets are declaring that this is the end of times; however, we are at the beginning of a whole new set of events which are catapulting us into higher vibratory rates and quantum realities.

We’ve spent eons of time working hard, sacrificing to get to this very point in time. Angels of the Hierarchy are light beings who vibrate at a tremendously fast rate to be able to access the Mind of God and step-down - transform God’s Word to humanity. We forget that we once walked with God (like the angels of light) and were able to live in harmony with His creation. We forget that we once had wings that vibrated at magnificent speeds, but our fall from Grace seems to have obliterated the memory.

Humanity is now caught in the consciousness of the third dimension believing in its limitations. Many of us feel shackled and bound to earthly pleasures and pain. We believe we have to work hard for the money to survive. We think that we are being punished for our sins; therefore, we continue to beat ourselves up with the ugly stick. AND we work hard to prove we are right. Humanity must now lift the thin veil that separates us from reality. We must draw upon the spirit of the warrior and sound the trumpet, thereby, calling all Light Workers to take a stand for peace, love, unity and compassion. This is what angels do. This is how we maintain our link to the Holy Spirit.

Before we descended from the heavenly fields, we were given a gift by one of God’s angels. It was a “homing device” (a light imprint) that when activated would call the forces of Heaven. That “device” helps us to REMEMBER our life as an angel. First we must ascend into the crystalline light of consciousness. Only here will we remember our family before the world was. This is the quickening . . . the awakening to Spirit.

The new day will dawn when we will remember who we are . . . angels of light with a dynamic individual soul. This is the New Jerusalem; this is the true coming of the Christ. Our story is Light descending into Earth and experiencing every possible vibration of energy; therefore, awakening universal consciousness to new and greater possibilities. Love, peace, compassion and joy are part of this experience. Souls are also experiencing the emptiness of the dark, sadness, cruelty, etc., but that too is temporary. The universe within us is learning how to balance the light and dark. We can only do this by courageously experiencing life . . . by answering the call. Through all of our experiences and possibilities, God’s creation is transformed.



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