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We’ve all heard about the Power of the Spoken Word. We understand that positive words and sounds attract “like” vibrations which manifest happy and successful lives. To put this into practice is another story. Speaking of stories, the Prodigal Son is Our Story of the Word made flesh. Let us begin Our Story with Red Man who some call Adam . . .

In the time when gods and goddesses walked amongst us, there was a young soul named Red Man (aka Adam). While he was swimming in a pool of crystal-like flowers that glimmered and sparkled in the dark, Red Man realized that he was alone. He never experienced this feeling and quickly jumped out of the shimmering pool. He suddenly found himself falling like a shooting star passing through many dimensions of sound and reality. While Red Man was falling, he lost his Sacred Note, his Sacred Sound. He realized that this occurred when he was immersed in the cacophony of creative manifestation.

Red Man landed on a plane of consciousness where he could experience sounds, tastes, sights, textures/temperatures and smells that made him dizzy with delight. He soon forgot about his lost Note. God, observing Red Man’s decent into a sentient life, sent one of His trusted angels, Lucifer, to bring him home. Lucifer was busy creating “platforms of experience” for human souls as tests of their strength and courage. He did not want to be bothered; he enjoyed his job too much.

Lucifer begrudgingly went to find Red Man. While descending into the plane of senses, Lucifer realized the power of this manifested universe that can appear/disappear, be born and die. He delighted in its powerful grip. Lucifer thought that this would be a great test for the human soul, thus, making his job much easier.

Lucifer found Red Man near the “Brook of Broken Dreams.” Red Man was crying because though he could enjoy all the beauty and life around him, he knew it was temporary and he still felt alone. He wanted to find his Sacred Note which always filled him with God’s Delight. Lucifer promised him that he will help him find his Sacred Note only if Red Man agreed to Lucifer’s test of courage. Red Man agreed, and for generations of time, he was shackled to a huge boulder. As time went on, Red Man not only lost sight of his dream of finding his Sacred Note, but he also lost the ability to manifest any of his dreams.

God took pity on Red Man and sent His Son, the threefold Word. He found Red Man and set him free by teaching him A.U.M. and OM. A.U.M. is the word of involution or materialization. It creates seven forms of life or states of consciousness. It’s the present, past, future all at once. A.U.M. is the Word made flesh. OM is the note of liberation. It breaks the shackles of forms created by maya, glamor and illusion. OM helps to directly communicate with the Greater Self. Red Man practiced the A.U.M. and OM and he was lifted past the gates of illusion, past the maya and glamor, past the senses, emotions and mental chatter, past the many gates of appearance and disappearance, past death itself. Red Man then found his Sacred Note, his Sacred Sound. He was home.

To this day, Lucifer is still doing his work testing the strength and courage of the human soul. He continues to bind us to the boulder of maya, glamor and illusion. He helps us forget who we are and our Sacred Note, the sound of immortality which takes us to the “Voice of Silence” where there is no sound . . . only Thatness.


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Reply Daniel
4:47 PM on March 16, 2016 
Hope that Red Man is able to be free from the illusion of maya and glamour. Thank you for this deeply thought-provoking blog on the importance of recovering our Sacred Note.
Reply Carl
11:47 PM on March 18, 2016 
Are we all Red Man???

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