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Posted by on February 27, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Being Ageless

Health experts are now claiming that once we hit age 50 or the so-called “golden years,” we start to lose muscle tone, strength as well as the ability to burn fat. Can you imagine? We not only lose muscle as we get older, we also gain a lot of fat. These same health experts also claim that we can reverse the aging process at the cellular level, thereby making the physical body look, feel and move younger than our age.

Now what does looking and feeling younger and healthier have to do with being spiritual? Actually they go hand in hand. Many spiritual beings (e.g., Mother Mary, Melchizedek, St. Germaine, etc.) stopped or slowed down the physical aging process. Before we get into the why, let’s discuss what is happening today.

Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, explains the theories of age reversal. Let’s start by discussing telomeres. “Telomeres are bits of “junk DNA” at the end of chromosomes that protect your real DNA every time a cell divides.” When cells divide a bit of the telomeres gets shorter until they are gone. Think of the DNA like a shoestring with plastic tips at the end. Every single time a cell reproduces, the tips (telomeres) grow shorter until they break.

According to Dr. Kaku, skin cells will divide approximately 60 times before going into senescence. Every cell has a biological clock and is doomed to die after 60 reproductions. Telomeres eliminates the contraction of chromosomes so that they can maintain their length. This prevents aging. Now, before we start jumping up and down and going out to buy pills that promise to preserve and/or lengthen your telomeres, stop and listen to this. Cancer cells also use telomeres. Cancer cells are immortal; they grow until they take over the entire system. If you’re not careful, you can hit ordinary cells with telomeres and trigger cancer cells in the process.

Genes are also an essential factor in the aging process. Dr. Kaku explains that aging is ERROR. It’s a buildup of genetic and cellular error. As cells begin to age, they begin to get sluggish. This opens the door for genetic error. Cells do have a repair system, but when the repair mechanism starts to get old, the aging process starts to accelerate. Scientists are now working on repairing cells by using genes and chemicals. They are finding that sirtuin genes or anti-aging genes are the link between aging and metabolism. Sirtuin genes stimulate certain enzymes such as resveratrol.

I believe the spiritual world held the anti-aging key eons ago. Soon science and gerontologists will see that the universe (which dwells within us too) holds the answer. The answer is in our blood and the Tree of Knowledge which lies in the cerebrospinal system and brain. Through humanity’s practice of “going within,” the pineal gland is no longer dormant and the sympathetic nervous system is becoming increasingly subordinate to the powers of the cerebrospinal not to mention the vagus nervous system.

The great holy beings, especially Jesus the Christ came to teach us that our souls are immortal, and our bodies can literally resurrect from the “dead.” We can physically ascend as Jesus the Christ. We are now vibrating at a faster rate, thereby catapulting us into greater dimensions. It won’t be long before science and spirituality meet and realize they are interdependent.


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Reply Carl
12:51 PM on February 27, 2016 
Quantum Healing. " Ageless body Timeless mind." By Deepak Chopra. Thank you... I have a few words to look up. PEACE ⚛
Reply Tawn Head
8:26 PM on February 28, 2016 
Thank You for sharing your thoughts and insights Tara. I very much enjoy learning from you and your life of wisdom. Perhaps my "Doppleganger" will share her secrets of us both being vibrant in health. Thank you for your discourse today, I also enjoyed that aspect of your teaching as well. I am blessed by You and this church.

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