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We would like to thank John Watson for the inspiration for this blog:

The Spirit of the Lotus is the story of sacrifice and love. It is our story of how we, as human souls, struggle to reach for understanding and enlightenment. Jesus the Christ proclaimed, “. . . for I proceed from God” (John 8:42). The Son proceeds from the Father God . . . The Mother God (Holy Spirit) proceeds from the Son and Father creating “...

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Yes, You! We are making the call and “the call compels the answer!” We are on the precipice of the most exciting time for humanity. Prophets are declaring that this is the end of times; however, we are at the beginning of a whole new set of events which are catapulting us into higher vibratory rates and quantum realities.

We’ve spent eons of time working hard, sacrificing to get to this very point in time. Ang...

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SOL Blog #5

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“I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” (John 11:25) This is well-known quote spoken by Jesus the Christ to Martha who was mourning the passing of Lazarus. Later, Jesus resurrected Lazarus who spent four days entombed. This set the stage for the resurrection of Jesus. Now, at the Last Supper (Passover), Jesus said to his disciples, “This ...

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SOL Blog #4

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We’ve all heard about the Power of the Spoken Word. We understand that positive words and sounds attract “like” vibrations which manifest happy and successful lives. To put this into practice is another story. Speaking of stories, the Prodigal Son is Our Story of the Word made flesh. Let us begin Our Story with Red Man who some call Adam . . .

In the time when gods and goddesses walked amongst us, there was a young...

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SOL Blog #3

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Being Ageless

Health experts are now claiming that once we hit age 50 or the so-called “golden years,” we start to lose muscle tone, strength as well as the ability to burn fat. Can you imagine? We not only lose muscle as we get older, we also gain a lot of fat. These same health experts also claim that we can reverse the aging process at the cellular level, thereby making the physical body look, feel and move younger than our age.

Now w...

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SOL Blog #2

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February 8, 2016 welcomed in the Red Fire Monkey and also the New Moon of Aquarius. The energy of the Red Fire Monkey is not to fool with since it can burn and sting the lethargic and past oriented person. The Chinese Lunar Calendar begins on the day of the "dark new moon" and every twelve years we come under the influence of 12 primates. The domain of the Red Fire Monkey occurs every 60 years, and this is when we can expect more action, adventure...

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SOL Blog #1

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Jesus the Carpenter: The Square, Plane, Compass and Ax

This morning while contemplating the young life of Jesus, I realized the significance of his carpenter tools. However, how do the square, plane, compass and ax reflect the power of meditation?

As we sit and go deeper within, our character is measured, straightened and made smooth by the square and the plane. One measures and makes ...

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