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We would like to thank John Watson for the inspiration for this blog:

The Spirit of the Lotus is the story of sacrifice and love. It is our story of how we, as human souls, struggle to reach for understanding and enlightenment. Jesus the Christ proclaimed, “. . . for I proceed from God” (John 8:42). The Son proceeds from the Father God . . . The Mother God (Holy Spirit) proceeds from the Son and Father creating “God in three persons” or Holy Trinity.

The lotus seed is the oldest kernel of truth in our human ancestry. It vibrates at a very low rate and yet holds the “image” of untold beauty and truth. It can only grow in very stagnant waters transforming as it grows, dropping its seeds as it reaches for the light.

The story of the Spirit of the Lotus begins when Father God took pity on this lowly seed that was lost in the dark murky waters of creation. He sent His only begotten Son to give life and inspiration to this seed of such low frequency. The Son by the command of his Father was to show the lotus the way to freedom from the harsh and unforgiving darkness even if it meant giving up his mortal life.

Before the Son could begin his journey, he asked his Mother, the Holy Spirit, to go forth and breathe life into the seed so the lotus with all its potential could be born. The Holy Spirit descended into the tiny seed and animated every cell and atom of its being. Spirit decided to live in the seed until the lotus was ready to give up its mortal body.

As the lotus emerged from the seed, it was tossed about by the currents of the murky waters. The light of the Son appeared to be doused by the darkness; however, the voice of the Mother kept encouraging the flower to open up its heart to the Son, because the Son was ever present.

God the Father gave the Lotus a stem, the spine of the flower, so it could climb. God the father gave the Lotus roots so it could anchor itself to survive the tumultuous currents of life and not drift away into the land of the forgotten. God the Father gave the lotus a flower so it could transmute, transform and transfigure the darkness into light while keeping its individuality. God the Mother breathed life into the Lotus. God the Son sustained the life as well as gave of its life so that every generation of lotuses could return home and live eternally in the light.

Through the love and sacrifice of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the One Without a Second), the lotus flower emerged into the Light of Self . . . It never lost its faith; it never lost hope. Its Spirit now soars and sings the “Song of God” resplendent and transcendent. The lotus flower represents our all possibility and the ability to overcome. It achieves enlightenment by being self-realized. It can only be purified if it is born in the muddy waters of illusion. Its environment brings forth its beauty and God’s grace.

We are all beauty unfolding to the greater Truth. We reach our greatest potential through struggle and often times defeat. We are both the dark and the light struggling to achieve enlightenment with help from Wisdom and Compassion. We are children of God crossing over the Rainbow Bridge to Enlightenment. However, we must first realize that we are already enlightened. We are just being reborn into the Light.



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Yes, You! We are making the call and “the call compels the answer!” We are on the precipice of the most exciting time for humanity. Prophets are declaring that this is the end of times; however, we are at the beginning of a whole new set of events which are catapulting us into higher vibratory rates and quantum realities.

We’ve spent eons of time working hard, sacrificing to get to this very point in time. Angels of the Hierarchy are light beings who vibrate at a tremendously fast rate to be able to access the Mind of God and step-down - transform God’s Word to humanity. We forget that we once walked with God (like the angels of light) and were able to live in harmony with His creation. We forget that we once had wings that vibrated at magnificent speeds, but our fall from Grace seems to have obliterated the memory.

Humanity is now caught in the consciousness of the third dimension believing in its limitations. Many of us feel shackled and bound to earthly pleasures and pain. We believe we have to work hard for the money to survive. We think that we are being punished for our sins; therefore, we continue to beat ourselves up with the ugly stick. AND we work hard to prove we are right. Humanity must now lift the thin veil that separates us from reality. We must draw upon the spirit of the warrior and sound the trumpet, thereby, calling all Light Workers to take a stand for peace, love, unity and compassion. This is what angels do. This is how we maintain our link to the Holy Spirit.

Before we descended from the heavenly fields, we were given a gift by one of God’s angels. It was a “homing device” (a light imprint) that when activated would call the forces of Heaven. That “device” helps us to REMEMBER our life as an angel. First we must ascend into the crystalline light of consciousness. Only here will we remember our family before the world was. This is the quickening . . . the awakening to Spirit.

The new day will dawn when we will remember who we are . . . angels of light with a dynamic individual soul. This is the New Jerusalem; this is the true coming of the Christ. Our story is Light descending into Earth and experiencing every possible vibration of energy; therefore, awakening universal consciousness to new and greater possibilities. Love, peace, compassion and joy are part of this experience. Souls are also experiencing the emptiness of the dark, sadness, cruelty, etc., but that too is temporary. The universe within us is learning how to balance the light and dark. We can only do this by courageously experiencing life . . . by answering the call. Through all of our experiences and possibilities, God’s creation is transformed.



SOL Blog #5

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“I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” (John 11:25) This is well-known quote spoken by Jesus the Christ to Martha who was mourning the passing of Lazarus. Later, Jesus resurrected Lazarus who spent four days entombed. This set the stage for the resurrection of Jesus. Now, at the Last Supper (Passover), Jesus said to his disciples, “This is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.” (Luke 22:20)

The “Passover” in the disciple signifies that the disciple has overcome the carnal life and that the fluids in the spine have been purified. Lazarus’ death represents the death to carnal life; his blood was no longer tainted with “unborn” karma. He had to be born again, for his first birth was a human struggling with unbridled passions, materiality, desire and worldly ambitions. In Lazarus’ second birth, he overcame earthly desires as well as overcoming the “first born.” The lower-self died so that the spirit could be reborn.

How the fluids and gases in the spine are purified is first played out in the Book of Exodus and by Moses parting the Red Sea. As the Red Sea in the spine is parted and the shackles of the physical, emotional and mental selves are left behind to be transmuted, the liberated fluids flee for the Promised Land of Milk and Honey (pituitary and pineal glands). The blood itself is transmuted when it enters the medulla oblongata and passes over into the Promised Land. As a result, this action opens up the third eye.

The resurrection of spirit into matter brings new life or new testament into the blood. As the fluids and gases “pass over” into the fourth ventricle of the brain, it stimulates the pineal gland. By stimulating the pineal gland, it creates a Christ energy which flows into the third ventricle of the brain. The pineal and pituitary glands’ orgasmic action produce a sweet milky substance which is then infused into the bloodstream carrying eternal life.

At the Last Supper Jesus was taking his disciples through the initiation of the parting of the Red Sea and the fleeing of the Israelites. It was a “blood” initiation. The chalice was passed among the disciples symbolizing the dissemination and infusion of the Christ blood into his disciples, therefore, transforming the lower realities into the higher realities. The outpouring of the Christ energy was infused into each disciple’s chakras. They were “saved” by the Grace of God. The blood of the disciples was filled with the New Testament, filled with the Christ Divine. All were embodied by the living bread or body of the Christ. The disciples could no longer live the life of followers, they were now apostles who had to demonstrate and be the Christ Light. “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.”



SOL Blog #4

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We’ve all heard about the Power of the Spoken Word. We understand that positive words and sounds attract “like” vibrations which manifest happy and successful lives. To put this into practice is another story. Speaking of stories, the Prodigal Son is Our Story of the Word made flesh. Let us begin Our Story with Red Man who some call Adam . . .

In the time when gods and goddesses walked amongst us, there was a young soul named Red Man (aka Adam). While he was swimming in a pool of crystal-like flowers that glimmered and sparkled in the dark, Red Man realized that he was alone. He never experienced this feeling and quickly jumped out of the shimmering pool. He suddenly found himself falling like a shooting star passing through many dimensions of sound and reality. While Red Man was falling, he lost his Sacred Note, his Sacred Sound. He realized that this occurred when he was immersed in the cacophony of creative manifestation.

Red Man landed on a plane of consciousness where he could experience sounds, tastes, sights, textures/temperatures and smells that made him dizzy with delight. He soon forgot about his lost Note. God, observing Red Man’s decent into a sentient life, sent one of His trusted angels, Lucifer, to bring him home. Lucifer was busy creating “platforms of experience” for human souls as tests of their strength and courage. He did not want to be bothered; he enjoyed his job too much.

Lucifer begrudgingly went to find Red Man. While descending into the plane of senses, Lucifer realized the power of this manifested universe that can appear/disappear, be born and die. He delighted in its powerful grip. Lucifer thought that this would be a great test for the human soul, thus, making his job much easier.

Lucifer found Red Man near the “Brook of Broken Dreams.” Red Man was crying because though he could enjoy all the beauty and life around him, he knew it was temporary and he still felt alone. He wanted to find his Sacred Note which always filled him with God’s Delight. Lucifer promised him that he will help him find his Sacred Note only if Red Man agreed to Lucifer’s test of courage. Red Man agreed, and for generations of time, he was shackled to a huge boulder. As time went on, Red Man not only lost sight of his dream of finding his Sacred Note, but he also lost the ability to manifest any of his dreams.

God took pity on Red Man and sent His Son, the threefold Word. He found Red Man and set him free by teaching him A.U.M. and OM. A.U.M. is the word of involution or materialization. It creates seven forms of life or states of consciousness. It’s the present, past, future all at once. A.U.M. is the Word made flesh. OM is the note of liberation. It breaks the shackles of forms created by maya, glamor and illusion. OM helps to directly communicate with the Greater Self. Red Man practiced the A.U.M. and OM and he was lifted past the gates of illusion, past the maya and glamor, past the senses, emotions and mental chatter, past the many gates of appearance and disappearance, past death itself. Red Man then found his Sacred Note, his Sacred Sound. He was home.

To this day, Lucifer is still doing his work testing the strength and courage of the human soul. He continues to bind us to the boulder of maya, glamor and illusion. He helps us forget who we are and our Sacred Note, the sound of immortality which takes us to the “Voice of Silence” where there is no sound . . . only Thatness.


SOL Blog #3

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Being Ageless

Health experts are now claiming that once we hit age 50 or the so-called “golden years,” we start to lose muscle tone, strength as well as the ability to burn fat. Can you imagine? We not only lose muscle as we get older, we also gain a lot of fat. These same health experts also claim that we can reverse the aging process at the cellular level, thereby making the physical body look, feel and move younger than our age.

Now what does looking and feeling younger and healthier have to do with being spiritual? Actually they go hand in hand. Many spiritual beings (e.g., Mother Mary, Melchizedek, St. Germaine, etc.) stopped or slowed down the physical aging process. Before we get into the why, let’s discuss what is happening today.

Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, explains the theories of age reversal. Let’s start by discussing telomeres. “Telomeres are bits of “junk DNA” at the end of chromosomes that protect your real DNA every time a cell divides.” When cells divide a bit of the telomeres gets shorter until they are gone. Think of the DNA like a shoestring with plastic tips at the end. Every single time a cell reproduces, the tips (telomeres) grow shorter until they break.

According to Dr. Kaku, skin cells will divide approximately 60 times before going into senescence. Every cell has a biological clock and is doomed to die after 60 reproductions. Telomeres eliminates the contraction of chromosomes so that they can maintain their length. This prevents aging. Now, before we start jumping up and down and going out to buy pills that promise to preserve and/or lengthen your telomeres, stop and listen to this. Cancer cells also use telomeres. Cancer cells are immortal; they grow until they take over the entire system. If you’re not careful, you can hit ordinary cells with telomeres and trigger cancer cells in the process.

Genes are also an essential factor in the aging process. Dr. Kaku explains that aging is ERROR. It’s a buildup of genetic and cellular error. As cells begin to age, they begin to get sluggish. This opens the door for genetic error. Cells do have a repair system, but when the repair mechanism starts to get old, the aging process starts to accelerate. Scientists are now working on repairing cells by using genes and chemicals. They are finding that sirtuin genes or anti-aging genes are the link between aging and metabolism. Sirtuin genes stimulate certain enzymes such as resveratrol.

I believe the spiritual world held the anti-aging key eons ago. Soon science and gerontologists will see that the universe (which dwells within us too) holds the answer. The answer is in our blood and the Tree of Knowledge which lies in the cerebrospinal system and brain. Through humanity’s practice of “going within,” the pineal gland is no longer dormant and the sympathetic nervous system is becoming increasingly subordinate to the powers of the cerebrospinal not to mention the vagus nervous system.

The great holy beings, especially Jesus the Christ came to teach us that our souls are immortal, and our bodies can literally resurrect from the “dead.” We can physically ascend as Jesus the Christ. We are now vibrating at a faster rate, thereby catapulting us into greater dimensions. It won’t be long before science and spirituality meet and realize they are interdependent.


SOL Blog #2

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February 8, 2016 welcomed in the Red Fire Monkey and also the New Moon of Aquarius. The energy of the Red Fire Monkey is not to fool with since it can burn and sting the lethargic and past oriented person. The Chinese Lunar Calendar begins on the day of the "dark new moon" and every twelve years we come under the influence of 12 primates. The domain of the Red Fire Monkey occurs every 60 years, and this is when we can expect more action, adventure and humor. We need to keep our sense of humor since karma takes a front seat and there is no escaping its impact.


The Monkey is the 9th animal in the Chinese Zodiac coinciding with 2016, the 9th universal year (2+0+1+6 = 9). In Chinese Astrology, number 9 is associated with ambition, action, adventure, cleverness and the exercising of free will. It is believed that this is the perfect time to make amends, forgive and surrender the past. Truth is the most important virtue during this time of forgiveness; truth helps manifest our deepest desires. Number 9 is also associated with completion (or death), transformation and violet fire magic. February is a Blue Ray month, a time to express your creativity and talent. The Blue Ray of February and the Red Fire Monkey create violet which is the alchemist's tool. Using the principles of the Violet Ray, we can transmute and transform any dark situation into light. Yes, this is the time we can create "new beginnings" because we are all Violet Ray Alchemists!


How do we begin? First we need to recognize what fear or subconscious block is holding us back from creating a prosperous world. We mentioned earlier that Truth is the virtue that will help lead us out of the darkness into the light. Most of us fear criticism and fear of what other people think. This is because we are our own worst critics. Napoleon Hill puts it the best:


The fear of criticism robs man of his initiative, destroys his power of imagination, limits his individuality, takes away his self-reliance, and does him damage in a hundred other ways.


In other words, this fear prevents us from taking action and expressing our creative spirit. It's a powerful force that can lead us to self-sabotage and self-destruction. Everyday we need to practice:


* Nulling and Voiding our fears through all time, space, dimensions and reality;

* Gratefulness for all that we have, give and receive . . . for all people, situations and objects in our lives.


Practicing heartfelt gratitude is essential for a prosperous life. It lifts our vibration, therefore allowing more of the good to come into our lives. "Like energy attracts like." By being true to ourselves and recognizing the beauty and all-ness in our souls, we can accomplish great things this year.

Happy New Year and may God's blessings pour upon you this day and always!


SOL Blog #1

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Jesus the Carpenter: The Square, Plane, Compass and Ax

This morning while contemplating the young life of Jesus, I realized the significance of his carpenter tools. However, how do the square, plane, compass and ax reflect the power of meditation?

As we sit and go deeper within, our character is measured, straightened and made smooth by the square and the plane. One measures and makes straight our path while the other levels and makes smooth the way. This is not comfortable for the personality that is steeped in maya and glamor. The physical body often times cries out in pain, the emotions are like the rough seas that cannot be contained, and the mind is whirling with thoughts unrestrained.

Our spiritual guides use the compass to direct and encircle our passions and desires. The needle of the compass shows us the way. The ax cuts away all that does not serve us, the useless and the detrimental elements that keep us bound.

By going within and surrendering to the Light, we allow God to take over. We are led to His workshop where He goes to work building a great Temple of Wisdom, Truth, Compassion and Love (a Temple of Silence) while strengthening our character, faith and belief. Life is a reflection of all that is within us. This is why it is so important to learn to go within and to allow the Christ “to go about His Father’s business.” When we are ready, our Father in Heaven will send us out to show others how to access this great inner workshop that frees us from the torments of our self-created illusionary world.



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